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 YES, I understand Rent is due on the 1st for Monthly plan, or on Mondays for Weekly plan before 11am otherwise, Late fee-$15/day will apply.

YES, I understand No Parking Permitted on grass and landscaped areas, in front of laundry, and unoccupied lots at all times.

YES, I agree to check connections to the water diligently. I understand there will be penalties for excessive leaks and or, belated response to any situation with leaks.

 N/A YES, I agree not leave my Pet(s) outside unattended. I will pick up any Pet droppings immediately. My Pet(s) will be always on leash when outside.

YES, I will use laundry facilities respectfully following the rules, and will NOT share the access code to Non-residents.

Hold Harmless Clause
Hold Harmless Clause This agreement is made upon the express condition that the Port Lavaca RV, its owners and
employees shall be free from all liabilities and claims for damages and/or suits for or by reason of any injury, or death to
any person or property of the Resident, its friends or family, or third parties, from any cause or causes whatsoever while
in or upon said premises or any part thereof during the term of this agreement or occasioned by any occupancy or use of
said premises or any activity carried on by the Resident in connection herewith, and the Resident hereby covenants and
agrees to indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the Port Lavaca RV, its owners and employees from all liabilities,
charges, expenses and costs on account of or by reason of any such injuries, deaths, liabilities, claims, suits or losses
however, occurring or damages growing out of the same.
 YES, I agree.